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I offer professional website design at reasonable prices. Building websites is not something that’s new to me at all. I currently work at my fulltime job as the head webmaster since 2013 and I am now deciding to create this business on the side so I am very confident in what I can do.

Having a nice looking website is important. You want something professional, clean, and easy for users to understand as most people will not want to take the time to try to figure out anything to complicated or unorganized.

There’s a lot that goes into a good website design and Google will pay very close attention to this so we need to make sure we follow the rules so we can rank better. What’s ranking and why is it important? Try to play australian online casinos no deposit bonus. I’ll add some information to help explain this a little further down this page but for now let’s go over what I will need from you to get going with your website (and remember, these expectations are based off of what Google will expect as well).



What to expect and what do I need to build your website?


  • First, we will have a meeting and discuss what your expectations are of the website and other details such as look and feel that will help me provide you with a quote. This meeting can be in person, over the phone, or by email. I’m not to picky.
  • Second, you’ll sign a contract that protect both you and I. You’ll also take care of the deposit at this point (deposit must be paid before I will start your project).
  • Quality images that will go on your site. Did you notice the bold word “Quality”? Images can really make or break the whole vibe of a website. Get me the clearest images you can. I also offer professional photography so I am happy to come to your company and take these quality images for you. I’ll be asking during our meeting if you will need any photography services.
  • Content for each page. Google wants you to have a minimum of 250 words per page. While 250 may look like a lot, it’s really not! This is your website so you can put as little or as much content as you want but if ranking higher is one of your goals (and it should be) then try to meet the 250 word requirement.
  • Contact information. The phone numbers, fax numbers, emails, and any additional ways for them to get in contact with you.
  • Social Media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any others you have for your business.
  • Keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimazation). Make a list of at least 10 search words that you want to rank under.

What is Ranking and why is it important?

When you type something in the search bar and click search you’ll see a list of websites in the results. The first one you see one the first page is ranking the highest and it goes down from there. If your website isn’t ranking high enough then it’s going to be listed further back on other pages and become less and less likely to be seen by traffic.

Ranking high is important because you want to drive traffic to your website. Every visitor is a potential new client.


How do I improve my rankings?

Following Googles rules, proper SEO (Search Engine Optimazation), and keeping fresh content going on your website by blogging are all key components to improving your website’s ranking.

I offer a Internet Marketing package in which I take care of all of this for you. I write a new blog and publish it to your website every 7 days as well as post to your business facebook page every 5 days. This is new content going out every week (and Google loves that). Read more about this on my SEO & Internet Marketing page.