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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Having a website built to promote and advertise your business is just ONE piece of the puzzle. Now you have your website floating around out there but how do you get your website to show up in the search results when someone does a search? How does Google know you website has the results the searcher is looking for? Part of that answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimazation). SEO is adding keywords that people would use in their searches so the Google will pick up on your site and display in it the persons results. SEO is very effective when done correctly BUT there is another effective piece of the puzzle called Internet Marketing. See below.


What is Internet Marketing? 

Let’s start with an example: Let’s say you were part of different groups on Facebook that were all related and pretty much about the same thing. Some of the groups hasn’t made new posts in over a year, some make posts every now and then, and then you have the others that make posts every week. If you were going to go to one of these groups for information about something, would you choose the groups that hasn’t posted anything new in over a year or the groups that post new fresh weekly information? … Exactly! Google sees things the same way expect with websites.

Internet Marketing is keeping new fresh content flowing through your site so that Google keeps coming back for more! Or try to play australian online casinos no deposit. The more you do (and do correctly) the higher Google will think of you and your website rankings will keep climbing which means your chances of showing up on the first page in search results gets better and better (and with work, time, and efforts there is no reason you can’t be #1).

A great way to keep fresh content on your website is by blogging. This is a minimum of 250 words write up, SEO, and an image with “alt” tags going out as often as possible.


Internet Marketing Package Available!

I offer an Internet Marketing Package in which I will handle all the writing, SEO, and everything needed for the blogging. I will make a new blog every 7 days not only for your website but I’ll also be posting to your social media accounts. Blogging (especially when done correctly) can be time consuming and require some creative writing thought which is why I will only take on 7 clients at a time so that I know I can devote the time required to do excellent work for each client. So this is a limited availability offer.